My name is Katy England and I am an archaeologist.

I am fascinated by the life of our ancient ancestors and how archaeology can tell us so many tiny details of how people lived in the past.

With excavations taking place all the time, and sophisticated scientific techniques, we are finding out more than ever before.

I started Spear Point Magazine to highlight all the exciting discoveries that are taking place, as well as exhibitions, events and more.

Come with me on a journey back thousands of years, and you might be surprised at what you find...


More from Time Hunters

Look out for the Time Hunters magazine Spear Point, full of interesting articles about the Stone Age as well as things to do.

We offer talks that are guaranteed to create a buzz of conversation and debate.

Our hands-on sessions and courses are popular with groups of all ages and abilities.

We offer tailor made school sessions linked to the new national curriculum.

Look out for us at up and coming events.

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