We offer You don't need any knowledge or expertise to enjoy our hands-on sessions and courses - just a desire to understand how our distant ancestors lived their lives on the earth that we now inhabit.

We bring stone age men and women vividly to life with a mixture of talks, opportunities to handle replica objects and practical tasks.

We can offer a selection of courses from a couple of hours to a whole day. We are happy to come to a venue of your choice or can offer a location in the Test valley in Hampshire.

Course topics include Ancient Art, Stone Age Life and Stone Age food and cooking. For more information, please get in touch.

We also offer a range of fun hands-on sessions aimed at children, ideal for events or parties.

hands-on sessions and courses

Feedback on our hands-on sessions and courses:

"The day was so good, I couldn't think of anything that would enhance it - brilliant!" Alison.

What a lovely day. Everything was perfect - the knowledge, the hands-on and the food." Sally.

"It was really lovely to be in touch with prehistoric man and the way people lived and created things, as well as what they ate. the setting was lovely too, a really realaxed day without any signs of technology, which took you back in time." Sue

"It was a great course - really enjoyable and I came away knowing much more about the stone age." Chris.

"We had brilliant fun making our own paint and getting really messy." Scarlett (age 6) and William (age 8)