We offer hands-on talks and demonstrations into all aspects of Stone Age life.

Meet Boris the wild boar skin and hold a replica seven foot spear that our ancestors would have used to hunt rhinocerous.

See and handle a large variety of replica items from bone needles to flint tipped arrows.

We regularly talk to a wide variety of organisations including the Women's Institute, history groups, the U3A and many other organisations.

Smaller groups can watch demonstrations or try out some simple Stone Age skills.

Talks are always lively, interesting and bring this remote period to life.

Refreshments can be provided but only those our ancestors would have recognised!

Feedback on our talks:

"A thoroughly professional presentation by an accomplished speaker who enthused about her chosen subject. Lots of artefacts on display with fun packs for children providing a fascinating insight into the ancient civilizations of the Stone Age." Waterside Probus Club